Intelligent Railway Technology

The CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™ redefines how you build, operate, and maintain railways. Backed by a senior management team with over seventy-five years of industry experience, we deliver consistent, measurable improvements on fault reduction, accuracy, efficiency, and predictability through the use of smart sensors, machine learning, and data visualization.

Bringing Together Railway Expertise and Data Science

CEMIT is a pioneer in the integration of digital systems into the rail sector. As an international, passionate and multifaceted team, we work collaboratively to help transition today’s train industry into one that can meet the green-demands of the future.


The global predictive maintenance market, including IoT-based remote monitoring of trains and track, is still developing, but shows an expected annual growth rate of 21% over the next three years.


Backed by a diverse mix of professionals, with expertise rooted in engineering, railway technology, computer analytics, data science, visual art, programming, business development and the like, we hope you will join us as we redefine sustainable transport on a global scale.

Supplying Measurable Results

Reduces Faults

CEMIT Intelligent Railway Technology will ensure early fault detection during continuous monitoring of rail infrastructure.

Increases Accuracy

CEMIT Intelligent Railway Technology will assist in maintenance planning thereby limiting downtime and increasing accuracy.

Increases Efficiency

CEMIT Intelligent Railway Technology will result in more efficient transportation, resource utilization, and maintenance based off the analysis of acquired and existing data.

Gains Predictability

CEMIT Intelligent Railway Technology will deliver increased predictability by using smart sensors, machine learning, and data visualization in combination with unique railway expertise.

Trusted by Railway Industry Leaders