Intelligent Railway Technology

CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™ redefines how you build, operate and maintain railways. Delivering measurable improvements on fault reduction, accuracy, efficiency and predictability by using smart sensors, machine learning and data visualisation in combination with unique railway expertise.

The Basics of CEMIT Technology

No Complex Installations

Utilizing low cost railway sensors, the CEMIT System is able to effectively gather data during normal operational train times.

Data Collection from any Data Source

Integrating a super-scalable Cloud system, CEMIT gathers data from any sensor or source into one accessible location, eliminating the use of data silos.

Powerful Predictive Analytics

Combining advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) with railway domain analytics gives CEMIT technology the immense power to predict and prevent issues before they arise.

Dashboards for Decision Support

CEMIT has designed intuitive dashboards and visualization tools that directly make railway operations and maintenance smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Bringing Together Railway Expertise and Data Science

As an international, passionate and multifaceted team, we work collaboratively to help transition today’s train industry into one that can meet the green-demands of the future.


Among a diverse mix of professionals, with expertise rooted in engineering, railway technology, computer analytics, data science, visual art,  programming, business development and the like, we are confident in our collective ability to redefine sustainable transport on a global scale.

Trusted by Railway Industry Leaders