Data Intelligence

for Railways, Metro

and Light Rail

We help railway operators, infrastructure owners and maintenance providers gain invaluable insights to optimize maintenance, operations and ride quality, while reducing costs. 

Install today, see data tomorrow, and learn what your trains and tracks are telling you!

We collect data from more than 40,000 km of railway every single day.

How it works

The CEMIT Data Collector is within minutes installed on the train while in operation without interference with existing systems or hardware.

A digital twin with cm precision is created of the tracks, either from your data or we create the digital twin on our collected data.

Large amount of data flows through the CEMIT AI Platform and with machine learning and AI we detect patterns and anomalies on the trains or tracks.

Through CEMIT Visualizer and our APIs you can view data insight to prevent critical errors, optimize and improve ride quality and maintenance.

What our customers say

Sporveien - Norway

Metro operator

“The data collection and analysis carried out by CEMIT represent a revolution when it comes to being able to document exactly how rails, trains and drivers interact.”

Jon Are Pettersen, Sporveien

New Zealand

Train and infrastructure operator

“We have some recurrent problems in the infrastructure and never had the possibility to observe when these changes happen before working with CEMIT.”

Project team members

Triple ROI with Cemit
Improved rail services and reduced costs

Our research shows potential to improve maintenance costs with 30%, increase uptime with 5 % and more than 10 % improvement of ride quality.

Lower environmental footprint

With increased efficiency we help railways become an even more competitive transport with both direct and indirect Co2 and environmental impact

Better and more efficient life and society

Rail is today both the most efficient and environmental form of transport. And with even more efficient and reliable rail systems millions will get a better daily life.

Learn more about Cemit and data intelligence for the rail industry in this video