A Promising New Collaboration with Nordea Bank Emerges

CEMIT is one step closer to revolutionizing the railway industry with a new team player, Nordea Bank.


“It means a lot to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur,” says Are Sandersen, CEO of CEMIT. “The agreement with Nordea gives us enormous security. Our company is owned by our employees, so there is no single person who can support our growth journey. But by getting such competitive terms on a large loan like this, we can really pick up speed.”


Senior Customer Advisor, Joakim Hines Bredahl, knows personally what it means to be an entrepreneur, and has extensive experience within venture capital. It’s what fuels his enthusiasm to guide and assist finance-related matters for growth companies like CEMIT.


“This is a dedicated and passionate group who really knows what they’re doing. The market is huge, and no other player is as charged to make an impact as they are,” says Joakim.


Read the full briefing over at nordea.com.