At CEMIT, we see trains as more than trains, they are multi-purpose resources that provide us with valuable data. For us, data is business intelligence that can reduce costs, improve worker safety, and increase competition across industries.

By combining powerful software with industry expertise, our goal is to give all railway industry players the tools they need to evolve into a new digital age of railway.

“We have some recurrent problems in the infrastructure and never had the possibility to observe when these changes happen before working with CEMIT”

— Train and infrastructure operator, New Zealand

Who is CEMIT?

We are a diverse team of railway experts, project managers, business consultants, data scientists and software engineers. Standing at the crossroads of technology and engineering, we know first-hand the challenges of digitalizing the rail industry.

With R&D in our DNA, we are already breaking ground through the innovation of our product. In February 2022, we were honored to have our technology ranked as no. 1 in innovation across all industries in the EU's Eurostars program. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of modern rail technology, helping drive green infrastructure development across the globe.


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

The evolution of rail has been too slow. With its failing infrastructure and neglected maintenance routines, the need for change has become urgent. Digital innovation is the key to securing rail as the no. 1 mode of green transport.

Sustainable Cities & Communities

A well-functioning public transport system is crucial for any city. Not only does it help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also serves as a backbone for positive business development and economic prosperity.

Climate Action

The time to shift towards more sustainable transportation modes is now. Trains help us achieve climate neutrality without the need for any additional infrastructure while, at the same time, emitting significantly less CO2 and particulate matter emissions than road transport.

Vision & Mission

CEMIT’s vision of redefining sustainable transportation isn’t just about ensuring the longevity and success of the rail industry. It’s also about leading a digital shift that will increase the reliability, affordability, and in turn, the use of one of the greatest tools we have for combating climate change.

In the future, CEMIT predicts smart cities to be driven by bits and bytes rather than by rails and sleepers. Our role is to help support the infrastructure their transportation sectors will demand through leading digital services and technological advancements.

We are driven by our mission of making the railway industry more intelligent with the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Where CEMIT & Sustainability Meet

If rail operators want to prosper long into the future, they must be willing to adapt their systems to ones that work with, not against, technology. With rail tracks already crossing cities, states and continents, CEMIT believes that we must work smarter by using our existing infrastructure as a starting point for change.

CEMIT is confident in the power of rail because of its proven ability to provide safe, affordable and climate-friendly transportation on a global scale. The science is clear: trains emit significantly less CO2 and particulate matter emissions than road transport, and they help us achieve climate neutrality without the need for additional infrastructure. Inspired by the United Nations climate goals, we are committed to doing our part in influencing environmental changes across railway companies, projects and suppliers.