About us

About us

The word CEMIT is derived from the Latin word “semita” meaning track or path, expressing both our strong background within the rail industry and our goal to lead the way into the future. We were founded in 2018 based on what we see as an enormous potential for the rail industry to influence the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by contributing to make Rail Transport the preferred choice of transport.

Through our combined business skills, acquired from different companies, representing different areas of the industry, we have become a strong team that challenge each other and create new and exciting opportunities and solutions. We have a deep respect for new knowledge, we embrace new skills and expertise, and thereby create jobs and opportunities that will contribute to a sustainable industry.

Interdisciplinary teams and skill-sets are crucial to attain flexible and scalable solutions to your challenges. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the entire railway value chain. We help you address the core issues and opportunities present, teaming up with well-established partners and suppliers to find the best solutions.

Our Locations

Porselensvegen 18, 3920 Porsgrunn, Norway

Lysaker Torg 2, 1366 Lysaker, Norway

Lilla gatan 4B, 169 39 Solna, Sweden

Key Drivers


The digital revolution is NOW, and stakeholders are embracing new technologies and competencies. The monopoly structure is set to end and investing in new technology will secure this process. Big Data and IoT will provide solutions for the future, ensuring stakeholders that the knowledge base is stored and readily accessible.


Investments made in projects related to “the Green Shift” policy ensures longevity and commitment. The sustainable business market in the Nordic countries is therefore growing rapidly, and there is increased demand for «external» competence. Cemit can supply an experienced local workforce to facilitate entry to the market for new sustainable and technological solutions.


Market positioning is key! Having the right team and partners with the ability to follow through is essential. Our matrix organizational structure means we are capable of managing varied and complex projects.


Our strength lies in the combination of our knowledge of, and skill sets within business development, partner focus, train capacity, train operations, track layout, automation, IT and cyber security combined with a constant pursuit of new partners, employees and opportunities.


Portrait of Are Sandersen
Are Sandersen
Managing Director

Are is a highly skilled professional with great knowledge in the Nordic Railway market. He has more than 20 years of experience within this industry covering different roles within railway construction projects. In addition he has been heavily involved in building several Norwegian railway corporations and has been a co-founder in 2 of them.

Portrait of Tom Halfdansen
Tom Halfdansen
Senior Consultant

Tom is a high skilled professional with international experience and high stamina, seeking to achieve impact in his work. He has 32 years of experience from the rail industry in different roles covering train operation, traffic management, regulations, capacity planning, signaling, ERTMS, railway investigations, technical management, design & development, bid management and business development.

Portrait of Arve Stavrum-Tång
Arve Stavrum-Tång
Managing Director Digital

Arve is a very experienced manager and successful du to his involvement, trust and ability to achieve stretch goals. He is highly skilled in new business creation and to create strong organic growth, from strategy making to hand over.

Portrait of Atle Larsen
Atle Larsen

Atle is all about picking up challenges as well as opportunities to create success, preferably in strong partnerships with focus on long term business views. With 8 years of experience within the railway market in different roles and companies, his key focus has always been development and growth. As a result he has been involved in building a Norwegian railway company, and started a local business in Norway for a foreign railway company.

Portrait of Geir Danielsen
Geir Danielsen
Managing Director Solution

Geir has a strong experience and broad competence within the railway system from many different roles and positions, primarily at Norwegian National Rail Administration (Bane NOR). This includes project management and leadership, quality management, audit management and railway investigation.

Portrait of Sigurd Aanesen
Sigurd Aanesen
Senior Consultant

Sigurd has a broad IT experience: system development, application management, team management, technical project and delivery management, IT security and service development are areas covered. Sigurd is a specialist within system integration, service orientation and web-based solutions. Years before the cloud became a well known term – he worked with application operation as service, hosting of web- and middleware solutions and virtual hosting for multi national companies based in Norway such as Telenor and Hydro

Portrait of Fredrik Broman
Fredrik Broman

Fredrik have long experience form the railway industry, Strong skills in management, projects and personnel in the field of technical integration of systems on vehicles as well as wayside. Fredrik has managed large international teams, developed business strategy, acted Bid Manager for a large number of big and complex bids and has in his career won several prestigious projects and long term accreditations.

Portrait of Martin Sivik
Martin Sivik
Senior Consultant

Martin has a very long experience of working together with Government bodies and both stately and regionally operated organizations, and has deep understanding of how to manage cooperation to the best benefit for all parties. Martin has vast experience in Project Management at a high complexity level both in Infrastructure and in other fields, most significantly work force management and healthcare.

Portrait of Chanh Le
Chanh Le
Senior Consultant

Chanh is a high skilled professional with international experience from 12 years work in the rail industry, covering different roles like technical management, bid management, system architect, test leader and business development.

Portrait of Tarjei Moen
Tarjei Moen
Senior Consultant

Tarjei is a high skilled professional with high signalling competence from 10 years of experience in the Norwegian railway. This includes signalling engeneering, ERTMS, technical management, project management, ATC, and teaching at the Norwegian railway academy.

Portrait of Anders Hungefält
Anders Hungefält
Senior Consultant

Twenty years of experience in signalling around the world, covering different roles in railway related projects, f.ex. Site Manager, Construction Leader, Project Leader, Installation Leader, Test Leader and System Engineer.

Portrait of Dan-Olov Lindblom
Dan-Olov Lindblom
Senior Consultant

Long experience as a Leader. Over 30 years of experience in the railway industry in many different roles, such as Site Manager, Construction Leader, Project Manager, Installation Manager, Control Engineer, Signal Technician and Tele Technician.

Portrait of Andreas Tagesson
Andreas Tagesson
Senior Consultant

Andreas have experience from several roles in the signalling part of the railway industry, such as Signal installation, Maintenance, Design engineer, Test leader, Installation manager, Interface Manager and supervisor for Predictive Maintenance and development.

Portrait of Harald Ulsten
Harald Ulsten
Project Manager

Harald has long experience as a project manager, and with 20 years of experience in implementing IT systems on the railway. With his expertise, strongly contributes to our implementation of new solutions for the railway sector.

The core team of Cemit in their office