August New Hires

Please welcome this month’s newest hires, starting with Justinas Galentas.


Filling the role of BIM coordinator, Justinas has an impressive background in construction and digital design, with both CAD and digital coordination as major focal points. Justinas stood out as a dedicated and passionate employee, whose recent professional years were filled with coordination and infrastructure projects. His particular focus on railways was through a #ERTMS project.


“Digitization in the railway sector hasn’t yet come as developmentally far as the digital design were seeing in real estate, automobiles, or other modes of transport, where traceable information is available all throughout the value chain. This is what really motivates me and the countless other people in the industry who are working to make the railway system more digital,” says Justinas.


For Justinas, teamwork, technology, and problem solving sit at the center of his everyday life. As for his new role, he cannot wait to immerse himself in and learn more about VDC and RDMS.


For CEMIT, a modern and sustainable company who puts its people first, it is of great importance that their employees perceive their workplace as one of the same. So we asked Justinas what he believed was the most important thing about a modern employer. His response? “An employer who dares to challenge old norms and invest in innovation.”

Next up is Åsa Larsson, taking on the position of Group Marketing Communications Manager.


Åsa has an extensive background in communications, with years of experience surrounding corporate communication, brand strategy, PR, and public affairs related activities. Through her ambitious work with brand strategy and brand relocation, Åsa has helped companies and organizations establish themselves in the market and take on new positions.


Having worked with a variety of business in both the private and public sectors, her most recent position is what brought Åsa into the field of sustainable city development and fossil-free transportation.


“I love the challenges that come with perfecting a set of values in order to help contribute something beneficial to society, especially through a collective team effort that brings real results. This is why I am so excited to join CEMIT; getting to know the people, the mission, the challenges, the potential – I can’t put into words how much I am looking forward to the journey.”

Another star is Olena Tiapkina.


Olena holds an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Kiev Polytechnic Institute, coupled with a Ph.D. in Geophysics from NTNU. Originally a geophysicist with a strong focus in mathematicals, Olena’s background spans processing, modeling, analysis, and interpreting complex data. Each of these tools provides her with a solid foundation for her new role as Data Scientist here at CEMIT.


Olena is proud to be a part of the CEMIT team, and is eager to contribute to the modernization of railway infrastructure.

Last but not least is Shani Brynolf.


Having studied Civil Engineering in both Israel and Hungary, Shani has worked in Technical Manager and Administrator roles since 2014. Now, as CEMIT’s Team Leader for foreign building and construction projects, she is highly focused on not only finding the best solutions possible, but challenging the team with new ideas and technology.


Recently, Shani has re-visited Israel to help build relationships and make new contacts in one of the world’s fastest expanding railway markets. Investing heavily in roads and railways, the country has doubled its investments and allowed more and more private actors to take part in the expansion. CEMIT, an international company with a global vision, is exited to have Shani help bridge the gap between the Nordics – known for our order, structure and infrastructure competence – and Israel.


We asked Shani what she believed was the most important thing about a modern employer. Her response? “The ability to build upon knowledge in order to take their technology, people, and products to new and improved levels.”


Justinas, Åsa, Olena and Shani – from the entire CEMIT family, wecome. We are so happy to have you on board.