From the archive: CEMIT featured in Norway's Finansavisen


CEMIT Featured in Norway's Finansavisen

We are happy to share our recent feature in Finansavisen – one of Norway’s most trusted financial newspapers! Cited as a company with dramatic potential, we have quickly become a unique attraction for today’s investors.

Founded by Are Sandersen and Arve Stavrum-Tång in 2018, CEMIT’s intelligent railway systems have so far seen around 50 million NOK through investments. Now looking to finance a European expansion outside of Scandinavia, CEMIT is expecting even larger numbers – around 200 million NOK over the next five years. 

This is no surprise to Petter Berge, chairman of New Normal Group and part of CEMIT’s International expansion team, who explains that it’s just the start of a new era of railway investments across Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Today, one thing remains clear: the railway market is severely lagging when it comes to the digitalization and the sharing of railway information. Currently, no one delivers holistic and accessible “cloud” data for multi-disciplinary comparisons and analyses – until now.

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