Together We Can Redefine Sustainable Transportation

CEMIT isn’t like any other railway company. We are an innovative technology company that combines extensive railway expertise with data and computer science. Our mission is to redefine sustainable transport by making railways more intelligent. 

As our company continues to see unprecedented growth, we are looking for new colleagues with a genuine passion for railways, technology, and sustainability. As part of the CEMIT family, you will be joining a diverse and global team of rail experts, engineers, data scientists, software developers, designers, automaters, business and project managers. Together we are helping redefine the rail industry for a greener and more efficient tomorrow.

The Future of Rail

Everyone should travel efficiently, affordably, and sustainably. Still, today’s railways struggle to adapt to the modern world – a world led by design-driven technological developments. As we watch the gap widen between the cumbersome, expensive and unreliable train systems of the past, and the global expectations for greener, more sustainable rail transport, CEMIT finds itself well-positioned to step up and take the lead in designing the technology needed to bridge the two worlds. 


We already look at smart cities for their ability to introduce new services, requirements, and opportunities to their transport sectors. And although our mission is a global one, it is for this reason that we have based CEMIT in the Nordic Region. Well known for its positive attitude towards embracing new technology and sustainability initiatives, Norway and Sweden offer the solid starting point needed to develop, test, fine-tune and build the rail infrastructure of the future. 

“I work as a Sight Manager for CEMIT’s signalling projects and I have always felt that here, anything is possible. It is an incredibly innovative place to be with many passionate and intelligent people working side-by-side. As a fast growing company with a lot of opportunities on the horizon, working for CEMIT is the best.”

Anders Hungefält

The Power of Starting Small

Many can see that the rail industry lags behind other industries when it comes to digital technology and renewable energy. Existing players tend to be outdated, expensive and complex, operating in data silos that don’t allow for the sharing, utilization and understanding of railway statistics, and preventing the industry’s evolution.


Luckily, we have watched the rail industry slowly transition from individual state monopolies into one competitive, deregulated market. With the doors now wide open for new players to enter the game, there will be a high demand for expert services and trustworthy, long-term customer relationships. This makes starting small, with well-defined values and a highly qualified team, an incredibly valuable, adaptable and scalable business model.

“I’m very proud to be Head of the software development team at CEMIT. Here, I see railway experts and software developers sharing a common mission: excellence and innovation throughout our products, solutions and customer deliveries. I feel very privileged to work with the best-of-the-best, defining the future of next-generation railway monitoring and predictive maintenance.”

Geir Arne Evjen

Building a Better Tomorrow

In the same way that the rail industry lags behind in technology, so does it in recognizing the talent of under-represented groups. This is why CEMIT finds it essential to elevate the voices of all individuals, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We are proud to stand as an equal opportunity employer dedicated to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace not currently seen in our industry.


Like diversity and inclusion, building greener technology lies at the heart of what we do. The CEMIT Intelligent Railway System is designed to increase accuracy, strengthen safety, reduce faults, and improve the efficiency and predictability of railway operations and maintenance. By implementing CEMIT systems, we can ultimately streamline rail travel through the combined use of data collectors, cloud data, AI & ML engines and APIs. The result is not only reduced operational costs, but also CO2 emissions.

“I am very proud to be working as a data scientist for CEMIT. I like how the vision of the company aligns with the European Union’s 2030 sustainable development goals regarding public transportation. Not only has the team already inspired and supported me over the past few months, but their welcoming was extremely warm.”

Wathsala Upamali

Join Us

If you are ready to perfect the railway systems of tomorrow,  check out our open positions below. 


If you see something that stands out, send us an email by clicking “Apply Now”, and be sure to list the job position in the subject. Kindly include your CV and a cover letter that lets us know how you think you could contribute to a future defined by expertise, efficiency, and sustainability.

Business Developer

You have fun working with:

Fast-paced and creative environments, local and international customers, the pursuit of new business opportunities, customer meetings and visits across various technological platforms, processing customer requests, A-Z project lifecycles including follow-up procedures that ensure quality and service, and the process of solution design.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Are characterized as an analytical and structured person who is able to think outside the box, thrive under pressure and see the value of evolving with the market, customers, and partners, are an enthusiastic team player who represents the company professionally both inside and outside of work, knows the railway industry and have a good network in transport, have experience from solution sales and preferably the sales of cloud-based services (SaaS), can work independently and create your own schedule while still supporting and collaborating with teammates.

Technical Product Manager

You have fun working with:

The feasibility of project proposals, sales and marketing, the software product development process, metrics to measure impact, insights and data to focus priorities, the continual improvement of processes and deliverables, reviewing code, and user and customer feedback to create technical stories.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Have expertise in hardware and software installation, upgrades, site maintenance and program development, enjoy orchestrating the technical product architecture and specifications needed to launch innovative products, can execute product visions and strategies, successfully own product roadmaps and release management cycles, are willing to listen, learn, and implement strategies based off of market and customer needs, can act as both a team player and team leader, and enjoy communicating with internal software teams and external stakeholders.

Signalling Technician

You have fun working with:

Generic and systemized maintenance - both corrective and predictive on all kinds of existing signalling systems, fault diagnoses, documentation development, interdisciplinary cooperation with other rail professions, and customer service.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Have an eye for detail and accuracy and can easily detect faults, are qualified as a “Hovedsikkerhetsvakt”, enjoy travelling for different project assignments, have a drivers license class “B”, can communicate efficiently in multiple languages (English and Norwegian), are safety conscious, have experience as a Project, Quotation or Signal Construction Manager, are a validated test leader (validator “F”), enjoy working in teams, and are responsible and enthusiastic about sustainability.

Signalling Engineer / Signal Construction Manager

You have fun working with:

Concept development, design and architecture, feature descriptions and documentation for signalling security, safety, investigation and survey systems, quotation work and contract agreements, interdisciplinary controls, laws and regulations, and customer service.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Have experience in Signal Engineering, Project Management or Signal Construction Management, can communicate efficiently in multiple languages (English and Norwegian), are solutions oriented, are a validated test leader (validator “F”), are familiar with supervision systems (TMS), enjoy working in teams, have a positive nature, are responsible, curious and enthusiastic about sustainability, and are motivated by interdisciplinary projects.

Senior Front-end Developer

You have fun working with:

JavaScript, React.js, Redux Sagas, REST / GraphQL, D3.js / Plotly / Highcharts, UI/UX design translations and Browser APIs.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Enjoy building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use, can develop flexible and extensible architectures for front-end applications, work well with QA engineers regarding test cases, thrive when conducting product demo sessions with stakeholders, have an eye for detail when writing tests, configuring build pipelines, and documenting technical decisions and approaches, and understand how to respectfully review co-fellows code and give constructive feedback.

Backend Developer

You have fun working with:

Python, Node.JS, C#, FlaskAPI, FastAPI, GraphQL, WebSockets, MQTT, Protobuf, Kafka, Flink (or similar), MongoDB, InfluxDB and Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux and AWS services.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Enjoy sinking your teeth into server-side code and APIs, are able to write well structured, efficient and maintainable code helping contribute to the larger developer team, prefer hands-on work to actively keep the quality of the codebase in check, and have experience completing product development cycles including design, implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Unicorn Developer

You have fun working with:

React.js, UI/UX design, Figma / Sketch, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, REST / GraphQL

You will contribute to the team if you:

Have a good eye for well-polished UI designs, are able to design UI/UX clickthroughs and wireframes using Figma, Sketch or similar tools, enjoy writing tests and documenting code, and like being challenged by concept and product development, functional, performance, and SEO testing.

Data Scientist

You have fun working with:

Data mining, data modelling, digital twin, data-driven algorithms, bayesian methods, physical modelling (static and dynamic), and parameter estimation.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Are good at mining, interpreting and analyzing big data, enjoy developing tools and models to monitor and perfect data collection, prefer to use machine learning and AI to identify traits and patterns in measured data, have an unquenchable enthusiasm for learning new knowledge and skills, and can objectively analyze data to prove or disprove a hypothesis using critical reasoning.

UX / UI Designer

You have fun working with:

Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Affinity Products (or similar), and HMI design templates and guidelines.

You will contribute to the team if you:

Can quickly analyze user needs, goals and available functionalities, enjoy designing and documenting workflows, creating prototypes and wireframes, have solid communication skills, hold a customer-focused attitude, and are a cooperative person, lending you to successfully work both autonomously or within a team.