Installation of Signalling Systems with Bybanen - Stage Four of Construction

The well known Bergen Light Rail, also known as Bybanen, was the city’s response to the need for an efficient and environmentally friendly transportation system, able to cope with the limited spaces found in the often narrow streets of Bergen. It first opened in 2010 with 15 stations spread over nearly 10 kilometres, but fast forward 10 years, and multiple extensions to the rail have slowly been added, including Nesttun to Lagunen, and Laguna to Flesland Airport.


One of the most recent projects is a line extension to Fyllingsdalen that is approximately 9 kilometres long. The line starts in the city center at Bystasjonen, and passes Store Lungegårdsvann and Møllendal, before entering a tunnel to Kronstad via Haukeland Hospital. A tunnel extension that is 3 kilometres long will also run from Løvstakken to Fyllingsdalen, including established parking spaces. Set to open no later than 2023, travel time from Sentrum to Oasen will be approximately 18 minutes, and there will be 7 new light rail stops in total.


CEMIT, together with its subcontractor LOS Elektro, will contribute to the project in a variety of ways, assisting the main contractor BBR Verkehrstechnick. The list of project work includes but is not limited to:


  • The installation of 30 signal cabinets
  • The installation of 35 switch gears
  • The assembly of approximately 80 light signal
  • The installation of track fields and wheel sensors
  • The assembly of approximately 100,000 meters of cable
  • Providing an interface to existing signalling systems


This is a highly demanding infrastructure project in the middle of Bergen’s city center, placing  strain on the local community and traffic, and therefore requiring steady cooperation and communication between the various stakeholders. 


To ensure that all of said stakeholders are kept up to date, and that operations continue to run smoothly, CEMIT offers project management and interdisciplinary communication between public and private officials. With a wide range of expertise and in-depth experience, CEMIT is honoured to step forward with quality logistics and installation management teams to ensure the project runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. 


CEMIT in committed to projects that better the communities they serve. In the case of Bybanen, the line’s construction has led to a significant amount of urban development and economic activity. Running safely and predictably, the system provide reliable transportation to the city’s residents and continues to increase in popularity with he annual number of passengers continuously increasing.

“©Skyss | photo by Morten Wanvik.”