CEMIT and Train Alliance Combine Forces on the Digitalisation of Railway Facilities

CEMIT is driving the digital development of railways across the globe, particularly when it comes to increased safety, mobility, and efficiency. A Letter of Intent has already been signed between CEMIT and Train Alliance, with the ambition to upgrade all of their railway depots. Train Alliance, listed on NASDAQ OMX, designs and manages complete railway facilities in strategic locations. 


“Having installed CEMIT’s technology at one of our main facilities, our ambition is to continue with a full digitalisation program. This not only gives us a complete overview of daily operations, but also the statistics and capacity parameters needed for improved railway infrastructure maintenance,” says Joakim Weijmer, CEO of Train Alliance.


Introducing RDMS 

The new collaboration kick-off began with the installation of CEMIT’s RDMS (Rail Depot Management System) at the Brista operating site: a significantly important railway facility in Sigtuna, close to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. 


Soon, all of Train Alliance’s facilities around Sweden will see the installation of RDMS. This is CEMIT’s state-of-the-art railway monitoring solution based on low-cost sensors, data analytics, and machine learning. It uses IoT-connected sensors to send data to the cloud to analyze and identify issues, together with other relevant data. The result is an increase in efficiency and the control over operations, management, billing, the delivery of predictive planning, and the optimisation of railway depots. 


For CEMIT, this is a big step forward to further establishing their maintenance-targeting technology, mainly because the ultimate goal is to help operators save money and regulate passenger safety. Are Sandersen, co-founder and CEO of CEMIT Group, notes how “the agreement with Train Alliance is a significant milestone in our ambition to digitalise the world’s railways.


Big Data Provides Endless Possibilities 

Beyond RMDS, CEMIT Visualizer will also be installed across all of Train Alliance’s facilities, although Hallsberg Rala and Rosersberg are two of the first priorities. Of course, part of the work also includes followup studies on the results of the installations. 


“Our solutions allow us to read massive amounts of data from both our own and third-party sensors. With it, we can create an endless number of tailor-made solutions for analysis – all compatible with the majority of financial systems,” says Martin Sivik, Chief Commercial Officer for CEMIT AB. 


The Railway of the Future is Predictive 

The goal of CEMIT’s technology is to digitalise predictive maintenance, making railways more intelligent, and utilising the large amounts of data that are currently wasted. With IoT-based remote monitoring and data analysis of trains and tracks within RDMS, CEMIT gives Train Alliance the tools needed to accelerate its goal of modernising railway facilities in Sweden.