CEMIT Visualizer Helps CargoNet

One of our partners, CargoNet, first approached CEMIT with one main issue: the malfunctioning of their locomotive wheels. CargoNet theorized that the issue came from an improper heat transfer between the inner and outer wheels, but they had no way to test the system to see if this was actually true. With the two teams working closely together, CEMIT was tasked to develop a sensor that could monitor the wheels. 


The sensors used in conjunction with CEMIT Visualizer observe, read, and collect real-time data for analyzation, and forms the basis of assessment for any necessary follow-up measures. Real-time data is retrieved through a 4G network and sent to the CEMIT Visualizer Cloud for processing. This is possible due to advanced machine learning algorithms, and is presented in a user-friendly web interface for better decisional support.


For CargoNet, various parameters were monitored, including vibrations in the track (in the form of acceleration data), inclination, and location of the infrastructure. CEMIT sensors discovered that there was in fact an unusually high wheel temperature transfer, fueled by improper brake pressure. The data also revealed other causes of track deviations related to use, curvature, speed, and deceleration.


CEMT technology will always be custom-fitted for each customer to best detect their individual critical track errors. These can include wind skew, headroom errors, and track gauge errors, often incurred from an array of natural causes such as heavy rainfall, and hot (causing track expansion), or cold (causing ground cracking) temperatures.


Before CEMIT sensors and technology were installed, CargoNet was not able to solve their wheel issues, and therefore had to spend resources on testing new solutions. With CEMIT’s innovative technology and expertise, developed in collaboration with CargoNet’s engineers, a unique solution through continuous electronic sensor reading was developed, implemented, and installed, which has been able to successfully manage the issue.

“©CargoNet AS. CargoNet is the primary operator of freight trains on the Norwegian railway system. It was formed as NSB Gods after NSB fissioned into a passenger and a freight company.”