Eurostars Ranks CEMIT as the European Champion in Innovation Across All Industries

CEMIT has taken first place in the EU’s Eurostars program, one that is meant to stimulate R&D and cross-border development for SMBs. With the final numbers being announced last week, CEMIT’s application ranked No. 1 in all of Europe, across all industries, among over 400 well-qualified applicants.

Stig W. Seljeseth, Chairman and Interim CEO of CEMIT Group, is elated by the award:


“This is the first time something like this has ever happened with a Norwegian company or even a Norwegian application. The Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, and the Research Council of Norway both think it’s a very positive and important step for AS Norway, the Nordic region, and all of Europe. Personally, it is great to see a Norwegian company make such an impression and find such success with its own technology in just a couple of years.” 

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre (Ap) went on to express his pride in CEMIT’s results, calling it “world-class technology” and exclaiming that CEMIT is the European Champion in innovation.


The Eurostars Program is a part of the Eureka Network Horizons Program, and out of the 600 point maximum, CEMIT scored a 548. Publicly funded by the EU, together with 37 countries, it targets digitally-focused companies and/or projects in the SME segment working to respond to a societal challenge, but needing assistance in the form of invaluable funding. CEMIT is honored to have been chosen, and looks forward to using this opportunity to help them achieve their 2022 goals, including  living up to the global sustainable ambitions of tomorrow.

Trains with Brains: CEMIT’s fast-track to Cost Effective Maintenance

CEMIT is at the forefront of modern rail technology. What we do starts by mounting effective sensors on trains, measuring their slightest vibrations to visualize where and when the maintenance along the railway is and will be needed. This is how we know beforehand what will happen, so we can help you take care of rail-maintenance in a better, more cost-effective way. Ultimately, the combination of smart sensors and big data is an a revolution that will free up resources needed for the green development of infrastructure in not just Norway, but around the globe.

Neglected maintenance is a global problem for the railway sector. But at the same time, we know that railway is the sustainable alternative for mass transportation in the future. This is where CEMIT’s digital solution comes in, starting a global shift in the way we handle our infrastructure that lives up to the sustainable ambitions of tomorrow.