March New Hires

Please welcome this month’s newest hires! 


First we have Ruben Westby: Signed to our CEMIT Solution Signal Department, Ruben has a solid background within signal fitting and condition controlling from Bane NOR and Spordrift. With additional experience as an instructor at the Norwegian Railway School, his combined work within teaching and complex railway installations makes him a unique addition to our team. Now settling into new projects with Bergen’s Bybanen, we cannot wait to see where Ruben will go.

Next we have Wathsala Upamali: Originally a process engineer, Wathsala has an extensive and impressive education to back up her new position as Data Scientist with CEMIT. Including a BSc in Chemical and Process Engineering, a Msc in Energy and Environmental Technology, and a Ph.D. in Process, Energy & Automation Engineering, she is trifecta of knowledge, innovation and expertise. Passionate about research, mathematical modelling and data science, Wathsala is proud to join the CEMIT team and contribute to the sustainable digitalization of railway infrastructure.


Welcome Ruben and Wathsala!