Building Resilience and Longevity

For both company management and maintenance departments, CEMIT technology provides in-depth insight to strengthen economic performance and improves overall asset value.

Management teams, including train operators, rolling stock leasing companies, and infrastructure managers, come to have complete control over infrastructure through a live, traceable data platform with customized statistical reporting, historical patterns, and prediction against the management's set key performance indicators. They also have access to customized reports that allow effective communications with third parties.

Maintenance departments receive measurements linked to specific positions on the track, catenary, or train, with alerts locating the exact geographical position with high accuracy. Automated alerts can be set for areas of possible concern, tracking the progression of specific faults, leading to fewer misdiagnoses that save money and time.

Building Resilience and Longevity

Prioritizing Customer Service Through:

Planning & Design

We are present from day one to help you design and plan entire installations and projects, no matter how technical. Our competence and range of services extends between Rail, Road and Bridge design.

Custom Development

With our open platform and diverse team, we help you build custom applications and integrations - optimized specifically for your needs.

Delivery & Installation

Our experienced project managers and engineers will manage, deliver and completely install and/or integrate CEMIT technology into your railway system.

Operational Support

Continual customer support is important to us. You can expect our expertise to be be available to you during daily operational, maintenance and management tasks post-installation.

Combining Decades of Experience and Expertise

The CEMIT team of railway experts include:


  • Rail Engineers with complementary technology expertise and certifications.
  • Project managers, taking lead from design through planning, project management, Q&A and operations.
  • Installation experts taking care of complete project installations, upgrades and maintenance.

All of our experts are certified on all existing train and signal systems, including ISO 9001/14001, ERTMS, CBTC and TMS, ensuring we deliver projects according to quality regulations.

Solutions for Railways, Trams and Subway Systems

Our team has years of experience building up and delivering successful rail projects. Such expertise spans across multiple types of railways, whether it be cross-country train lines, trams, or complex subway systems.


Our list of references include leading train operators and infrastructure owners across Scandinavia, including but not limited to Bybanen, Sporveien, Flytoget, Cargonet, Spordrift og BaneNOR.


We collaborate with leading international rail technology providers and Scandinavian service companies so we can continue to execute only the highest quality of product innovation, design and implementation.


BIM Services

CEMIT has all the tools and knowledge needed to cover every aspect of the design and drawing process.

CEMIT also conducts frequent reviews, investigations, and risk assessments related to authority issues and permit applications, EIA, verification of execution, and client support during environmental investigations. Second opinions are also sought after for different applications such as:

  • Infrastructure (rail, road and bridge)
  • Contaminated land and water areas
  • Authority issues / notification / permit application and EIA
  • Investigations regarding environmental impact

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