Ulriken Tunnel Completion

Exciting railway news for Norway! The new Ulriken Tunnel, stretching 7.8 kilometers between Arna and Bergen, has finally been completed.


The next step, tasked to Bane NOR, is to renovate the old tunnel to complete the double track through the mountains. On a personal level, CEMIT is very proud to have contributed to the construction management for the new signalling system.


Ultimately, there are many advantages that come with this completion. One of them comes from the main part of the new track – it was cast as fixed track, instead of laying the track on crushed stone and sleepers. The biggest advantages of such a track are less maintenance and longer service life.


To read more about the technical solutions that come with the Ulriken Tunnel, check out Bane NOR’s update (Norwegian) or read the full English overview on railtech.com.