May New Hires

Please welcome this month’s newest hires! 


First up is Gro Anita Bakketun: Gro Anita has a background in the transportation (trucking and railroad) industry, with a strong focus on human resources and HMS/HSA. As a former District Manager and Head of Concept, she has many years of experience as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager within complex railway signalling. Passionate about leadership in action, change management and sustainability, we are beyond excited to have her on the team.

Up next is David Johansson: Signed to our CEMIT Signal Department, David’s background is in signal fitting, with additional experience in the dynamic field of aeronautics. Having worked in both Sweden and Norway, and already settling into the Follobanen project located between Oslo and Ski, we see nothing but great things ahead.


Welcome Gro Anita and David!