CEMIT Intelligent Railway System ™ is a super scalable, intelligent big data platform, built specifically for railways by our unique team of railways experts, data scientists and computer engineers.

Delivering predictive decision, operational and maintenance support by combining the latest technology for sensors and data collection, big data cloud services and machine learning with railway expertise and insights. Delivered through visualised dashboards or APIs empowering your specific needs.

CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™

Data Collector

Low cost, off the shelf hardware, combined in smart ways creating large amounts of valuable information that enables us to see things in a new way. Smart algorithms both in sensor, edge computers and in cloud makes sense of the data, providing true insight. Without any need to integrate with onboard systems, the hardware is very easy to install and remove.

Big Data Cloud

The cloud infrastructure is built for scalability. It receives data from all sources and keeps it there secure. It allows the AI/ML system to operate in the data and create insights. Holding all datatypes. Raw, refined, results and measurements and calibration reports also allows the AI/ML to train and refine itself on the data. Through the API it can also integrate with any 3rd party source that would be beneficial to expose through the unified cemit API. The integration can be in the form of a duplication or access.

AI & ML Engine

Using the big amounts of data available, the AI/ML works to predict the future. Based on previous happenings and developments, it tries to tell what is next for the current developments. Its insights will enable a shift from preemptive maintenance to predictive maintenance. The goal is to only replace what you have to, when you have to. Reducing costs and waste significantly. The data and insights will provide you with the tools you need to do better decision making.


High performance, low latency and secure APIs provides access to the cloud. Use them to build a bespoke visualization service (as we have), or use them to power your business tools. Get ready-made results at an instant, or trigger long running processes and return to see the results.

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Glenn Ole Kaasa

Glenn Ole Kaasa

Senior advisor, Head of R&D