CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™

The CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™ redefines how you build, operate and maintain railways. As an intelligent predictive fault identification system for the railway industry, we use it to integrate data silos from different sources, including mounted inertial measurement units and machine vision cameras, into one holistic system.

The data, gathered during normal operational hours, is analyzed using advanced intelligent algorithms in order to identify anomalies and accurately predict when maintenance is required. The System delivers clear and measurable improvements on fault reduction, accuracy, efficiency and predictability by using smart sensors, machine learning, and data visualization, in combination with our unique railway expertise.

CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™ technology has been designed specifically with maintenance, delay, and reach-issues in mind. By perfecting the way we measure, share, and use data to not only streamline rail travel, but improve how and where it can be built, CEMIT’s goal is to contribute to a greener, safer and better future for the global rail industry.

A Comprehensive Open Data Rail Platform

No Complex Installations

Utilizing low cost railway sensors, the CEMIT System is able to effectively gather data during normal operational train times.

Data Collection from any Data Source

Integrating a super-scalable Cloud system, CEMIT gathers data from any sensor or source into one accessible location, eliminating the use of data silos.

Powerful Predictive Analytics

Combining advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) with railway domain analytics gives CEMIT technology the immense power to predict and prevent issues before they arise.

Dashboards for Decision Support

CEMIT has designed intuitive dashboards and visualization tools that directly make railway operations and maintenance smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Data Collector

A low cost, off the shelf hardware, combined in innovative ways to create large amounts of valuable information. Intelligent algorithms in sensor, edge computers and the cloud make sense of the data, providing accurate insight and enabling us to see things from a new perspective. Without the need to integrate with onboard systems, the hardware is straightforward when both installing and removing.

Big Data Cloud

This is a cloud infrastructure built intentionally for scalability. It receives data from all sources, keeps it there securely, and allows the AI/ML system to operate within the data to create valuable and usable insights. Holding all datatypes, whether raw or refined, the results, measurements and calibration reports enables the AI/ML to train and refine itself based on the data it's collecting. Additionally, the cloud can integrate with any 3rd-party source that would be beneficial to expose through the unified CEMIT API. The integration can be in the form of duplication or access.

AI & ML Engine

Working from the large amounts of collected cloud data, the AI/ML Engine is built to predict the future. By taking previous happenings and developments into account, it can tell you what to expect. Through such data-based predictive insights, you will have the tools needed to improve company decision making. Such valuable insights will also enable a shift from preemptive maintenance to predictive maintenance, supporting a goal to only replace what you have to when you have to. The result is a significant reduction in costs and waste.


High performance, low latency, and secure APIs provide access to the cloud. Use them to build a customized visualization service (as we have), or use them to power your business tools. Get ready-made results at an instant, or trigger long-running processes and return to see the results.

CEMIT Railway Applications

CEMIT Digital Twin™

CEMIT’s digital twin system helps engineers and operators understand the current status of trains, tracks, and rail infrastructure. It also helps with predicting how trains will come to perform in the future. For CEMIT, our digital twin solution has been designed to specifically exploit the immense potential of the large datasets collected by our IMU sensors.

CEMIT’s IMU sensors consist of three main parts: the triaxial accelerometer, which analyzes vibrations, and the triaxial gyroscope, which measures rotational motion and angular velocity, and a GPS antenna to ensure all measurements are collected onboard and continuously. Once installed, recordings from the IMU sensors flow to CEMIT’s cloud platform. Then they are collected, stored, and processed through the CEMIT AI engine.

From this, the algorithms build trends, and these trends help CEMIT scientists and engineers pinpoint discrepancies and exact error locations, both in the present and in the future. The CEMIT digital twin system is built from these data sets, and can both estimate a highly accurate track state in the present, while also making highly probable predictions of the future development of the same tracks.

CEMIT Visualizer™

CEMIT Visualizer™ consists of cost-effective, IoT enabled sensing hardware and a design-driven data visualization platform. The intelligence behind the platform is provided by a back-end machine learning and data analytics engine. Our smart monitoring system is a completely new, breakthrough technology that surpasses the limitations of existing rail inspection and monitoring solutions.

By utilizing the power of the CEMIT Intelligent Railway System™, with its smart sensors, big data and machine learning, we are able to collect large amounts of data. The CEMIT AI Engine™ reads and analyzes this data to present the results clearly and concisely through CEMIT Visualizer™ dashboards.

Railway infrastructure owners and maintenance providers can use the predictive analytical abilities of CEMIT Visualizer™ to help them better use their resources. By doing so, they can resolve problems before they occur, reducing expensive pre-scheduled periodic checks and misdiagnosed problems.

In our world, smart data directly translates to business intelligence. By gaining predictability over potential faults and maintenance needs, CEMIT can improve rail operations and maintenance efficiency by an estimated +20%. Adding reduced faults and increased accuracy for more reliable railway services, CEMIT Visualizer™ represents a strong solution choice when it comes to making railways more intelligent.

CEMIT Rail Depot Management System™

The CEMIT Rail Depot Management System™ provides a state-of-the-art railway monitoring solution based on low-cost sensors, data analytics, and machine learning. The Internet of Things (IoT) connected sensors, installed on the trains, will send data to the cloud to analyze and identify issues, together with other relevant data collected from silo systems already installed.

The CEMIT Rail Depot Management System™ can locate problems on the tracks, wheels, or the catenary system through sensor modules designed, packaged, and configured to ensure minimally invasive installation requirements.

The result of CEMIT Rail Depot Management System™ implementation is an increase in efficiency and control over operations, management, billing, and the delivery of predictive planning and the optimization of rail depots.

Unlike existing intelligent condition monitoring systems, CEMIT uses powerful machine learning with a low-cost, high data volume approach to infer root causes, eliminating the common problem of root cause-confusion in fault diagnoses.

CEMIT Graphic Route Planner™

The CEMIT Graphical Route Planner™ is a digital solution for planning train routes and time tables. The goal is to upgrade and modernize today’s current solutions, which are manually written and paper-based.

This fully digital solution removes the need for large printers and paper archives, resulting in the minimization of human error and increased productivity through both team cooperation and communication.

In general, current existing industry solutions are costly, lacking interconnectivity, narrow in application scope, overly complex, and non-intuitive. The rail system is a multifaceted machine with many moving parts, including wires, trains, tracks, and hundreds if not thousands of smaller components.

It is impossible to directly measure every element, which means existing systems will inherently misdiagnose faults. CEMIT technology, such as the CEMIT Graphical Route Planner™, was developed specifically to address and overcome these issues.

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